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Trudyn / Sep 11, 2012
As we start a new expansion in few weeks, recruitment has been opened up for most classes. We are beefing up our roster to compete and push content like never before. With a goal of being a top world 10 man guild, we need dedicated and like-minded players to secure that top spot. Most likely we will extend our raid times and days will be added once we are able to gauge our progression in Mogushan, Terrace of the Endless Springs and Heart of Fear. For those of you who haven't tested the beta with us I suggest you do your research and be ready. Until then, see you September 25th.
Trudyn / Jul 13, 2012
Its been a while since our last update so I figured I would post something. Most people in the guild are on the beta testing the questing experience and some are even testing the raids. Not this guy though my computer decides to be uncooperative with me and wipe my beta download off my hard drive so I have to re-download it and I'm too lazy! Not really much to do when you clear in one night in about an hour and a half. In the coming weeks we will be bolstering our roster to prepare for the upcoming expansion which the release date has not been set yet. We encourage people who have extensive beta experience and raid testing to apply. We are looking for skilled people for the monk class that is coming so they can attribute to the raid. Well until some fun shit happens Ill be seeing you. I leave you with this for your viewing pleasure!